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medical & aesthetic

skin care treatments


Lynn Victoria


I arrived at a career in Aesthetics after spending 20+ years of RN experience with a clinical speciality in wound care as a visiting nurse. As a teenager and young adult, I suffered with acne. At age 13 I was experimenting with several over the counter products, mixing and blending trying to find the right medicine to heal my skin. It was an emotional, psychological and physical hardship to overcome. Combined with my love of being around people and healing skin, I feel fortunate to have found a path that is so well suited to who I am. I furthered my education and received a license in Aesthetics. Coupled with my nursing background, compassion and intuitiveness, I feel I found the perfect path to begin my journey. I am certified on many aesthetic lasers and light sources, IPL (Intense Pulse Light) Laser Hair Removal, Tattoo removal, Anti-aging, etc.. Vivace\ RF Microneedling, RejuvapenMicroneedling, Selphyl PRP (Vampirefacial) Botox, 

Dysport,  Juvaderm/Restylane/Radiasse Etc. IV Vitamin therapy, Medical Microdermabrasion, Lamprobe (lesion removal) Medical grade peels, enzymes, pharmaceutical grade products. Certifications in Ayurvedic body procedures and essential oils which I use daily in my practice with manual lymph drainage procedures and massage.

~ Lynn

Beauty Treatment

We offer a variety of medical skin care procedures for all your rejuvenation needs including Lamprobe/Lesion removal and IPL/Intense Pulse Light.


Facial are customized to your skin conditions, with specialization across multiple services and products. 


Treatments include Restylane/ Juvaderm, Microneedling/Vivace, Selphyl PRP, Botox, Dysport, IV Vitamin Therapy and B12 Injections.   

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